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Sponsor a beehive and get your own honey

Sponsor a beehive and get your own honey


The perfect gift to yourself, a loved one, or your employees and clients! Help save the bees and taste your own honey.

Your sponsorship means we can buy a new family of bees, give them a home, and look after them for a year. You name the hive and receive six 228ml jars of honey from the harvest! We send you a photo of your hive with your plaque on it, and a satellite map with a GPS pin of its location.

We welcome sponsorships of one year, but recommend 3 years, and offer a 30% discount on Years 2 and 3.

Delivery of the honey to a UK address is included!

Our valley is a paradise for bees, where there are no pesticides and a constant source of food and fresh spring water. The bees harvest the nectar, pollen and propolis of hundreds of species, including wild roses, lavender, thyme, violets, linden, acacia, cherries, peaches, pines, firs, mint, poppies, clovers, buckwheat, judas tree, poplars, and... the bees even like the olive pollen!

Sponsoring a hive means creating a whole new family of bees because we can pay a local beekeeper to raise a new queen and family.

*Once you have bought the sponsorship, we will email you to ask for details of what you would like on the plaque and where you would like the honey delivered.

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