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Sponsor a beehive
Save the bees and receive honey from the harvest

As seen in Times Money and on Channel 4's ' Help! We Bought a Village'

Name a beehive and your new family of bees, and receive honey from each harvest

Perfect for birthday presents, mothers day, wedding or anniversary gifts, and corporate adoptions

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How does it work?

  1. We purchase a hive and a nucleus of local bees so that we can raise a whole new family of bees

  2. We issue your hive with a bespoke plaque 

  3. Your bees get to work on the hundreds of wild flowers and our lavender fields

  4. We harvest, bottle and send you jars of your very own honey

  5. Extend your sponsorship for heavily reduced rates

What makes Pitino honey so special?


Our valley is a paradise for bees, where there are no pesticides and a constant source of food and fresh spring water. The bees harvest the nectar, pollen and propolis of hundreds of species, including wild roses, lavender, thyme, violets, linden, acacia, cherries, peaches, pines, firs, mint, poppies, clovers, buckwheat, judas tree, poplars, and... the bees even like the olive pollen!


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