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In early 2022 we started filming for a new Channel 4 series called "Help We Bought a Village!" The programme follows our journey restoring the farm and nearby hamlet, Borgo Monticole. As well as the fun and foibles of running a farm, you'll learn more about the history of the valley, and meet our neighbours and friends with (sometimes strongly-worded) opinions of their own on the project.

Season 1 was released in Summer 2022. It reached over a million viewers in the Spring 2023, was also broadcast on PBS in the USA and was nominated for a BAFTA. Season 2 was released in October 2023. We hope you've enjoyed it!  

The farm was also the subject of a trending article on Apple News and most read article of the week in The Times money section, as well as articles in The Independent, The Mail Online, and Italian newspapers Dagospia and il Resto di Carlino. Read more below! 

You can also keep following our journey on the farm by watching us on YouTube, and of course by following us on Instagram.

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